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Beybi was founded in 1949 in the Maslak District of Istanbul and is a professionally managed company that is among the reputable and credible companies in Turkey, according to official surveys and statistics in 2013 .

 Today, Beybi works in four different areas, such as household gloves, work and industrial gloves, medical gloves and medical supplies, and is steadily expanding its product range to meet its client’s needs.

Beybi maintains a modern manufacturing facility as it contributes to the Turkish economy by employing more than 500 people in a modern 45,000 m² plant located in Dudullu, Istanbul and a state-of-the-art 9,000 m plant located in Gurs, Bursa.

Beybi owns 4 factories in different cities in Turkey. Beybi is the first company in its sector to have been certified by TSE in 1987 for its manufacturing skills. In 1996, it received the certificate of quality assurance system TS EN ISO 9002. In 2004, AMTAC, a well-known British notified body for international standardization, certified Beybi with CE marking, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

** In Ukraine the company’s products – appeared in 2018 looking

The products comply with GOST E N 420-2001 and E N 388: 2005 – Ukraine

For more information, go to the manufacturer’s website at http : //www.beybi.com.tr